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Stereo Reviews by Malcolm Steward. All rights reserved. No reproduction or use – in whole or in part and in any format whatsoever – is forbidden without the prior written consent of the author.

Here is a selection of reviews I have written over the past thirty or so years. I started reviewing hi-fi (and AV, but we’ll overlook that brief transgression) back in the mid-1980s. I am slowly collating a great many of them: and it is a near-glacial pursuit because most of my earlier writings only exist in printed format and so need scanning to get them into a workable state. And whatever happened to the photographs that accompanies those reviews is anybody’s guess: they were on film and not digital.

Keep checking back, though, because material will be added as soon as it becomes available and I find the time to put it on this site. I think it is worthwhile digging through those archives because of the great interest in ‘vintage’ equipment. The most popular review on my original blog remains the one I did on the Mordaunt-Short MS10 loudspeaker from 1993… and the review samples are still collecting dust underneath my bed! There’s also stuff that is far more up to the minute and some that is exclusive to this site, so please  enjoy hunting around! Do please remember that prices will have altered, invariably upwards,  since most of these reviews were written.



Cables – Interconnect

Cables – Mains

Compact Disc players



Epiphany Acousticcs EHP-02 H/P amp[/col]


Network Audio players (Streamers and HD players)




USB players

  • Bryston BDP-1 (with BDA-1)

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