Naim CD5si released


Naim confirmed, on September 07, 2012, that the new £995 CD5si CD Player is now shipping. The CD5si replaces the highly successful CD5i player and improves upon it in four key ways.

The new CD5si design includes the Burr Brown PCM 1793 DAC, which is similar in performance and architecture to the DAC used in Naim’s award winning network players such as the NDX but is more optimised for the fixed sampling rate of CD (rather than the many sampling rates from streamed music).
A new higher precision clock supports the new DAC, reducing jitter even further.

The analogue output filter has been improved which together with the new DAC delivers a ten times reduction in distortion.

A new transport mechanism is fitted giving improved consistency and longevity. The new mechanism is mounted on Naim’s unique improved swing drawer tray giving it the ideal low resonance, stable platform on which to operate.

Furthermore, the power supply voltage secondary has been increased, to improve the linearity of the output signal.

Naim further remarked “Some may wonder why we should use such a large amount of R&D resource on what is perceived as a dying market. Reducing maybe, but dying certainly not, and in some markets sales of CD players – out of the truly budget categories – are growing. We, in the UK, live in a very ‘early adopting market’ and sometimes, because of this, have distorted views on the world’s markets.”

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