Linn Kiko review


Linn Kiko System

I was fortunate last month to spend an enjoyable week or two playing with the Linn Kiko system, which made me think rather differently about today’s hi-fi buyer. It is a well-designed, exceptionally stylish-looking streamer/amplifier system but its HDMI connections demonstrate Linn’s belief that much of one’s exposure to new music these days comes from, what are to me at least, unlikely sources: video games and You Tube, are two examples given to me by Linn MD, Gilad Tiefenbrun.

It was rewarding to discover though, after a long time spent listening – to networked streamed sources and music on the internet – that the Kiko  didi one old-fashioned thing: it played music with classic Linn DS quality and  worked extraordinarily well with hi-res files, not just the lo-res stuff that it behoves the likes of Spotify to foster upon today’s ‘switched on’ digerati… Read the full story in the Desktop Audio section

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