Q&A – Nigel Finn

This is the page where Nigel Finn tells you all his secrets… by answering a few choice questions.

Name & job: Nigel Finn, Technical Director

Company: The Chord Company

Your home hi-fi system:
Variable but right now, it’s an LP12 with an Aro Tone Arm and a Dynavector Cartridge, a Helios CD player as transport, a Chord Electronics DAC64, a Naim SuperNAIT amplifier and a pair of Eclipse speakers with Chord Sarum Tuned ARAY cables

Your money-no-object system if you won the lottery, if required:
What a difficult question. I would probably start by going to talk to Derek Jenkins of Infidelity about LP12s, Aro Tone Arms and Dynovector cartridges
Your money-no-object car if you won the lottery, if required: A Lamborghini LM002. Completely mad but I could get my bass amp in the back of it.

Lamborghini M002

Lamborghini M002

Your five Desert island discs:
1. Piss Factory by Patti Smith, Tom Verlaine plays guitar. Madly intense and reeking of alcohol and amphetamines
2. Blue Valentines by Tom Waits. One of the greatest guitar solos ever.
3. Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell. The perfect pop/love song and one of the greatest baritone guitar solos ever.
4. Carriage by Counting Crows. If you’re very very lucky someone very very special comes into your life. For the most beautiful woman I ever did meet.
5. Riptide by Laura Veirs. Quite beautiful.

How did you get into this industry?: By accident but it’s remained a constant source of fascination since the day I started.

What would you do if you did not have your current job? I always thought that if I didn’t do this I would like to rake fallen leaves into big piles. Sometimes, the idea of seeing exactly what you’ve done over the course of a day seems very enticing.
What do you expect will be the industry’s next “big thing”? What I’d really like the next big thing to be is for the industry as a whole to get together and start convincing people about just how much better life is with a properly musical hi-fi system.

Is there anything else you would like to say? I learnt so much about music from so many people. So thank you all.

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