Q&A – David Brook

This is the page where folks involved with hi-fi tell you all their secrets, often inadvertently, by answering a few choice questions…

Name & job: David Brook, M.D

Company: Mains Cables R Us (MCRU)

Your home hi-fi system:

Garrard 401 | NWA Bearing | Custom Slate Plinth | The Wand Tonearm | Ortofon Kontrapunkt B Cart.| LDA Tube Phono Stage | MCRU Music Server | LDA VDt1 DSD DAC | Canor EL-134 Tube Amp | Isotek Sigmas | Snell Type K Speakers | Tellurium Q Cabling

Your money-no-object system if you won the lottery, if required:

Too much choice at the high end to possibly say so would buy the lot!

Your money-no-object car if you won the lottery, if required:

Porsche Panamera


Your five Desert island discs:

1. Jennifer Warnes “The Well”

2. Boyz II Men “Greatest Hits”

3. Bobby Womack “The Bravest Man In The Universe”

4. Kraftwerk ” Greatest Hits” mainly because I could not take all their CD’s with me!

5. Kate Bush “50 Words for Snow”

How did you get into this industry?:

Needed a mains extension block for my av system many years ago. I purchased one from ebay and when it arrived I looked at it and thought to myself, I can make this for much less money!

What would you do if you did not have your current job?

I run a business designing and selling engineering plastics and industrial seals as well as MCRU!

What do you expect will be the industry’s next “big thing”?

DSD as I have it already and it’s fantastic played on the right bit of kit!

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Malcolm Steward rocks!

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