Valhalla Technology VT5 supports

This review appeared in Hi-Fi Choice (UK) in 2012.



These vibration control devices for loudspeakers and electronics – all designed to work with particular weights of equipment, and priced at a couple of pounds each unit, that I received from Valhalla Technology – must surely rate as near perfect tweaks: a set of four amplifier feet or eight loudspeaker pads, for example, will cost you around £20 and so are ridiculous value for money… provided, of course, they perform their intended function. I am delighted to tell you that they certainly appear to… and quite vividly so.

I tried the Type 5 Feet “for Small Loudspeakers” supporting the Neat Iotas in my desktop audio system. These small, cellular, rubber pads, which are mildly self-adhesive, are designed to work with loudspeakers weighing up to 5lb (2.67kg). They are 49mm square and 10mm thick, while the Amplifier Feet are circular and about 50mm in diameter and 3mm thick. There are also spiked feet for placing beneath the spikes of floor-standers, and loudspeaker or equipment stands and the like.

The Type 5 feet noticeably cleaned up the speakers’ presentation of John Hiatt’s “Damn This Town” from his album “Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns”. Hiatt’s voice emerged from the mix with particular clarity as did the rhythm guitar’s contributions. It further seemed that the rhythmic propulsion of the music along with its cogency and communicative properties had increased slightly. The Iotas are wonderfully communicative loudspeakers at the best of times but the VT Feet appeared to uncover subtle timing nuances that I presume were being masked through the enclosure’s interaction with the desktop.

Importantly, this extra information was distinctly apparent, even at low listening levels, as was the improved definition and clarity in the bass on John Lee Hooker’s “Complete Chess Folk Blues Sessions”. The bass was tuneful with good note shape, even when it was pushed well back in the mix, and its tonal character was similarly well defined. The speakers also created a natural, characterful portrayal of the drums and percussion.

I have used compressible pads to good effect before under the Neats but the Valhalla Technology Feet are easily the finest such supports I have tried to date.

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